Why Choose Us


Why choose us ? Our dedication to personalised service, leading treatments and client education makes us unique among many other physiotherapists. That’s why our clients choose us. Some of our unique principles include:

No Floating

Many physiotherapists will ‘float’ between clients causing you to wait whilst they attend to another patient. We give you our undivided attention from the time we enter, to the time you leave.

Assumption is the Mother of All Stuff Ups

You’re an individual and we don’t assume. Your needs are unique. We may ask a number of probing questions. We’d rather get to
the root of the problem than make assumptions, saving you time and discomfort.

Continual Reassessment

We don’t schedule multiple appointments for weeks on end. We are careful to reassess your condition each and every time you visit us and will adjust your treatment plan according to how your specific body is healing and responding.

We Know Time is Pain

We all lead a busy lifestyle so we’ve adapted our service accordingly to treat your pain and discomfort as quickly as possible. For example:

  • We offer same day appointment options
  • We’re conveniently located in Secret Harbour and service clients from Fremantle to Mandurah
  • We can accommodate your appointment during your lunch hour

A Range of Payment Options

Our Physiotherapists are all registered with Medicare and eligible to provide health Insurance rebates, these are available on-site through our HICAPS machine. Bring your health insurance card to your appointment and we can apply the rebate on the spot.

Selected private health fund rebates (including most major funds) are also available with our Remedial Massage Therapists, be sure to indicate which health fund you are with at the time of booking to see if we are able to process your rebate on the spot.

Medicare rebates are also available for eligible clients under the Enhanced Primary Care program. This is only available with a referral from you general practitioner. Contact your GP regarding your eligibility and to arrange a referral.

We accept workers compensation and MVA clients  who have a valid referral from their general practitioner.

We also gladly accept DVA referrals.

Booking an Appointment

Complete Range Physiotherapy specialises in flexibility and time management. We are located within Secret Harbour, just a few short paces from the Whistling Kite & Secret Harbour shopping centre.

We strive to be available when you are, and offer same day appointments as often as possible. In short, we stay flexible to get you back to being pain-free, as quickly as possible.

Contact us today and have a brief discussion with one of our specialists that will help determine what treatment is best for you.

Best of all you receive treatment on the first appointment!


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