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Complete Range Physiotherapy

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Complete Range Physiotherapy

Complete Range Physiotherapy is a team of friendly, experienced physio and remedial massage therapists focused on providing quality assessment and treatment techniques to correct your pain and discomfort. Our expert therapists are well practised in the management of back & neck pain, muscle and joint discomfort and sports injuries. We’re conveniently located off Oasis Drive in Secret Harbour, offering services to neighbouring suburbs including Port Kennedy, Golden Bay, and the Greater Rockingham and Mandurah areas. We strive to keep things simple. No jargon - just simple explanations and instructions to ease your pain and get you moving as quickly as possible. 

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Joint Mobilisation

The passive movement of joints to restore full function and motion.

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Dry Needling

Localised acupuncture treatment to alleviate muscle pain and promote healing.

Therapeutic Exercise Physio

Therapeutic Exercise

Exercises to alleviate discomfort and correct muscle imbalances.

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Ergonomic Assessments

Analysing workstations, environments and practises to minimise injury.

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Exercise Rehab

Individually tailored exercise programs using gym based weights, reformer and trapeze machines.

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Massage Therapy

To reduce discomfort and enhance health and well-being.

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We offer the best and latest methods in physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation to help you get back to optimum function in the shortest amount of time.


Whether you're in an office, climbing ladders or laying bricks, we can assist in making your job much more comfortable and enjoyable by reducing the risk of injury.

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Our dedication to personalised service, leading treatments and client education makes us unique among many physiotherapists.

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